Willow Run Custom Lumber is a small family operated business specializing in selecting, sawing and kiln-drying hard and softwood lumber. Willow Run focuses on providing the customer with specific types and dimensions of lumber to meet each customer's special needs. This includes species and grade of lumber, length, width and thickness of either air or kiln-dried lumber. 

Domestic Hardwoods 4-16 quarter 

  • Red Oak White
  • Oak Cherry 
  • Walnut Ash 
  • Hickory Maple 
  • Osage Orange 
  • Beech Locust 

Exotic Hardwoods 

  • African Mahogany 

Domestic Softwoods 4-16 quarter 

  • Eastern
  • White Pine 
  • Southern Yellow Pine 
  • Aromatic Red Cedar 

Figured Hardwoods in Cherry, Maple,

Walnut and Oak 

  • Curly 
  • Crotch 
  • Quartersawn 

Figured Veneers 1/4 inch thickness 

  • Walnut 
  • Cherry 
  • Maple 

And Dad's favorite, Kiln dried "Grilln' Chips" in Hickory, Cherry and Maple. Just soak them for 20 minutes, put them in your smoke box, lay the box on the coals or close to the gas flame and savor the aroma, while your favorite meat cooks.